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“ "Be healthy, be happy and your skin will radiate beauty" ”


Heaven's award winning treatments have been designed by Deborah Mitchell and are now offered world wide. Each treatment offers a combination of fablous results and deep relaxation. Many celebrities have raved about the special combination of de-stressing and creating cat walk beauty. Please view our brochure.

  • LIA Therapy

    LIA Therapy
    Price: £73 (coures of 5 £325
    Treatment Length: 1 hour 15 mins **

    A non-surgical, healing face-lift - the best treatment we do. LIA Therapy is the first spiritual and physical facial, a totally unique mind and soul treatment that works on your well-being, while providing lifting results.

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  • Heaven Slimming Lymph Drain Massage

    Heaven Slimming Lymph Drain Massage
    Price: £45.00 (course of 5 £200)
    Treatment Length: 1 hour **

    The manual way to have lip-suction, you can lose up to 4lb per treatment. It can also help relieve flu, allergies, fluid retention, digestional problems, arthritis, rheumatism and IBS. With Slimming Lymph Drain Massage you will lose weight as well as fluid and feel totally relaxed.

  • Bee Sting Facial

    Bee Sting Facial
    Price: From £55 (Course of 5 from £250)
    Treatment Length: 1 Hour **

    A natural product and the first of its kind. This unique treatment has been specially created using natural and organic ingredients, combined to work in synergy for an instant anti-aging effect, leaving you looking and feeling instantly younger.

  • Adam and Eve Hot Wax

    Adam and Eve Hot Wax
    Price: Price Start from £22.00
    Treatment Length: 30 minutes **

    Adam and Eve Angelic Hot wax, this is a pure white synthetic wax containing no preservatives, dyes or pine resins so is perfect for sensitive skins. This wax sets quickly but remains flexible giving a less painful waxing experience

    Original Sin is formulated with extra strength to remove the coarse hair found on men's bodies this wax will make waxing a breeze.
    The new mens wax that works for women too!

    Ideal for intimate waxing Brazilian or Hollywood

  • Afternoon Tea Ritual

    Afternoon Tea Ritual
    Price: From £85.00
    Treatment Length: 90 Minutes **

    Your therapist greets you with tea and asks you what you want to achieve for your skin:
    your life, your job or romance... you drink your tea and the ritual begins.
    Warm wax is poured over your back and massaged with delicate and firm strokes, easing away those achy muscles and negative thoughts.
    The facials warm tea infusion is poured into your heaven treatment products.
    Firming, youthful, purposeful relaxation envelopes and warm massage oil
    of Afternoon Tea are applied with a unique pressure release foot treatment.
    Canapés with our own blended Afternoon Tea is served and with the
    last mouthful, your ritual is complete.
    A new life awaits.

  • Angel Face Lift

    Angel Face Lift
    Price: From £45.00
    Treatment Length: 1 hour **

    A wonderful hydrating face lift all in the space of your lunch break. Tis fantastic face lift uses Lymph Drainage and accupressure movements to help you look years younger, all in the space of your lunch break.

** Includes dressing and undressing time