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Bites and Stings

A lady came into the salon for a treatment but her arm was very swollen from a bite she'd had the day before. I almost felt she should go to the doctors about it before it got any worse and that she should miss her treatment. We didn't know what had bitten her but it was red and the skin was hanging slightly as it was so swollen.

I decided not to do the massage she was booked in for in case the poison travelled round her body too quickly, but did a very quick leg wax instead. Before I started I applied some After Soother, a cream which is mainly used after sensitive treatments like waxing or electrolysis, to the swollen bitten area. Within fifteen minutes the redness had almost completely gone and it wasn't hurting any more. I was amazed how well the After Soother worked. I've seen this cream work very well on Ant bites that someone was allergic to but never so long after the bite. I was really pleased so was she.

To stop them being bitten on holiday many people use the natural essential oils of Lavender Tea Tree and hamilius water (which hazel) as the insects are repelled by the smell. Another natural cure which takes a little longer to work but is very effective is half a lemon rubbed on the area to take swelling away.

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