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“ Award-winning skincare with proven results ”

Vanilla Pod Hand & Nail Cream


Herb: Organic Vanilla and Coconut
Vitamins: E
Other: Sand

How to use

Apply daily in the morning.


  • Stops dry hands
  • Leaves velvet soft
  • When used first in morning, it protects all day even when wet or from washing hands regularly
  • Stops red hands
  • Can be used on extra dry skin even on your face
  • Vanilla and Coconut stops you feeling hungry
  • Use as a ‘minute manicure - Apply /soak/ push back cuticles
  • Apply to feet before bed and feel how luxurious your bed feels
  • Stays on your hands for 4 hours even when in water
  • Helps strengthen nails
  • Improves flexibility
  • Intense moisturising treatment
  • Gets rid of dry patches
  • Helps dry and hard cuticles
  • A mini manicure or pedicure in a pot

Our most popular Hand Cream apply every morning to protect hands from daily chores.
Can be used on the feet in the evenings.
Hands look an even colour as they are conditioned more. No reapplying every few minutes.
Helps strengthen nails, Improves flexibility, Intense moisturising treatment
Helps to get rid of dry patches,Helps dry and hard cuticles
It is so important to use a paraben free hand care, your hands are touching your face daily, it is more important to use organic and excellent quality.
Stops over eating
Suitable for all skin types.

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