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“ The Bee Venom Mask contains Heavens patented secret youth giver, Abeetoxin┬« ”

Male Kit


30ml SOS Shave Oil
30ml Post-Shave Refining Hydrogel
50ml Anti-ageing Moisturise for Men
30ml Sensitive Close Shave Cream
150ml Shower Shave & Shampoo

An excellent Gift for the Special Man in your life
Years of research has led to these specially prepared male skincare products.

30ml SOS Shave Oil.For a precision shave on delicate skin
30ml Post-Shave Refining Hydrogel.Regenerates, heals and refines pores
50ml Anti-ageing Moisturise for Men. For tighter, brighter, smoother skin
30ml Sensitive Close Shave Cream.Allows a smooth, soft, moisturised shave
150ml Shower Shave & Shampoo

Our patented formula ABEETOXIN®, immediately
relaxes lines, tightens and firms skin. The choice
for handsome skin is Black or White, strong
or sensitive.

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